What a difference a day makes

This time yesterday I was sitting there considering what I would buy a stack of coins and do a 40 open for.
(Actually Viktor might have done the trick as I enjoy his massive wanger!)

I just started a new faction on the new server (Jeff Davis) and wanted to get off to a strong start.

Luckily I wasn’t drunk, or I probably would have made a purchase.

Then I wake up this morning and see that Scopely are so phenomenally incompetent that they have started a solo level-up in a 4 day old region with exactly the same milestones as on a well established region of 1 or 2 years.

I honestly thought (on my other regions) that they were just greedy and trying to milk established players for every last drop with the milestones of the last while.

Now I see they either don’t care or they don’t understand.

Scopely can’t even be bothered to calibrate a new region to the reality of what it is like to have near zero in-game momentum…

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well good luck!! and keep surviving :smiley:

also, don’t forgot you can always purchase those extremely good value offers to help reach the milestones, you may have to spend a few hundred until you pull a 6* or 2 though.

//end sarcasm

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new region = new players = $$

Actually I think most of their money is coming from about 200 players jumping servers in a desperate attempt to get ahead.

The new players are not gonna stick around given that the region is already dominated by factions populated by very experienced players desperately scrambling to make up for their failings on other servers.

I include myself in that snide remark. I’ve had a good run on this game but the 1 thing I always wanted to do was build a faction from scratch that was able to at least get top 10 in war (I spend most of my time in the top 3 - but not in a faction that I created and run). My participation in the new region is a vanity project.