What a bloody rip-off with the shovels event!


We still have 16 hours to go and you’ve removed them from raids leaving us with the only option to give you more money if we wish to finish?

That’s a really sleazy move and very disappointing.



think the key work is ‘usually’

subject to change

Keep on surviving


No, because it does show the remaining time within the museum, we have 16 hours.

But they removed the drop.

Please don’t defend this move.


im not defending, but its not unusual for drops to stop a day or so before the collection ends. Then it stays in museum to give people time to collect it


I hate defending scopely, but they sent a message at the start of the event saying it would end on the 24th, while the collection from museum would end on the 25th. If you don’t delete these things, it’ll still be there. Check from 14 days ago.


I got mine purely from just natural raids, though i got mine just yesterday, was a hell of a grind though.


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You can still buy shovels in crates in offers. Ur best bet now next time read the event details plan better


Collection items only drop when the event is running. The event ended yesterday. The collection stays up longer only to turn in your collected items if you haven’t had time yet. Better luck next time buddy.


We should of had an raid tourney early this week maybe instead of one of those :poop: level ups for Shane. Idk. Does seem stupid. But this is Scopes and just another disappointment.
I’ll add it to the list.


If they ran the raid instead of SR all of this confusion and angst could have been avoided.




Should have put your due diligence in earlier to make sure you could pull.


I am also truly unhappy about this. The Rakes stopped and so did the Shovels. There was a Scheduled Raid event which vanished and was replaced by this STUPID Onslaught! Halloween event started prior to this one ending. So, no way to get enough rakes and shovels. Scopely literally ended the event before the event was over!! Total garbage!


I have over 6k shovels left after cashing in for what is a crappy toon, I’ll use for fodder anyway. I’ll give you the toon and the 6k extra shovels if people quit making new threads to complain about this.


What really killed the shovels event, was the lack of Raid tourneys.

During this whole time there was only one done towards the beginning.

With scopely repeatly doing Lv ups and no mix up of raid tourneys to benefit this event was very stupid and a poor move by them.


It was very shameful and i was very very disapointed.


Yeah. Booooo Scopley. What a bunch of knobbers stopping the drops at the clearly advertised time

Negative experiences

I think there were 2 raid events during the time. One faction and one solo. I remember going hard for the faction one and not having time to compete in the solo as much as I wanted. Removing the 3rd one was dirty though.