What 5 * and 6 * characters can repel a s-class character

What characters do you think 5 * and 6 * can repel the character s-class(In addition to s-class characters)

The trader, doc Stevens and Zander

Traider his s class character

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Blue shiva

Kyle is a good control toon, so is the red Lydia. Doc was already mentioned, Zachary can be useful too and Zander ain’t bad either.
But for them to survive long enough is quite tough if you build a 6* only team…

If you are asking for 6* usable in a mixed S-class/6* team, add Slater (huge AP on def, impair/elusive weapon), Maggie & Nik (with 8% weapons) to the list, as well as Alice, Diego, Lance…

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Doc/Zander combo still works wonders for me :grinning:

Blue Barker and Olivia are both highly slept on. Olivia’s defense down and Confuse to 4 still works like a charm since hardly anyone uses confuse resist. I still prefer Barker over Glenn as a neutralizer. His only drawback is his focus active isn’t until turn 3

Jiafeng, Diego, and Holly are still useful as well


Still use Harper alot and Diego toons with def down are extremely useful against tanky af S class

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Doc of course, Zander, blue Michonne in some cases, Minerva, Olivia, and evening old school 5 star Kate can be clutch with focus in some teams.

I still use six star Dale on a couple teams. Just beef him up with def and hp, keep him alive. Command, 100% heal reduction to all on active, -50 def for rush.


Nah his 6* is pretty solid as well.


6* Jacki… same leader skill as the S class. I use her to counter some of the one turn Mercer teams because nobody runs confuse resist really.