Whales playing hide and seek

@JB.Scopely something needs to be done about these whales that are too scared to fight each other, they are ruining the game cause they go to mainly f2p regions so they can dominate and get easy top prizes, perfect example is Legacy in Morgan. Please bring this up to the team


Yea its just sad


This forum post is sad! Legacy didn’t go there to mess with your life - get over it!! Morgan always had big factions so nothing new there. You’re just a troll stirring the pot anyway!


Morgan were advertising for new players, of course new factions were going to arrive & some would be better than you. Sad fact of life really.

Having said that, we just came up against Legacy in CRW & they are proper fuckin beasts, every single one of them. Man, I’d kill for one of their rosters :grin:


Agreed there

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You’re correct legacy didn’t come to Morgan to mess with my life they came cause they too weak to take on other whale factions so they have to come bully the f2p bunch of cowards.

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Are you fkn kidding me, not many factions around that Legacy would be afraid of.

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They need to lock transfers during seasons and only open it one week before the next season starts, kinda like the transfer window in soccer. The way it is now, people keep running each 10 days trying to reach Atlantis, only to have their asses kicked in another place


That’s not how the game is gonna be. Obviously everyone is being dramatic because transfers is still fresh and sure has caused a stir. However, do you really think the big factions are gonna want to be moving around that regular with the introduction of leagues? They will want to preserve their league placing so makes no sense to move until end of league. So maybe what we’ll see is factions moving around end of each season - if they’re gonna move at all.

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You have no clue what you’re talking about!

The same thing your complaining about, is the same thing that happened to legacy. You just not smart enough to realize… so why don’t you do the same thing legacy did, leave your region if your unhappy.

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You left Morgan and you seem to give a shit about legacy? U don’t see the players in Morgan coming into Fourms to rant about them? So why should u have the right?


Whales spend loads of money on the game to have an advantage over non spending members. To be able to feel good about spending money on a game, it has to pay out. This results that either whales are the best overall, or they search a region where they become the best. They need to feel that spending really benefits them over being a f2p player.

Think of it when u buy a 10k$ bed. You need it to be significantly better than 1k$ bed. If not, you will feel shit about your purchase. Believe me, some whales they lose even their families because of this. They can only feel good if they feel like a god digitally.

So in a way stop feeling sad for yourself that they come ‘bully’ you, but feel sad for them that they need to spend as much to enjoy a game, or spend 500$ to get a few pixels. I myself enjoy to see it, let them come, let them come in numbers. Whichever prize you take in war, you will not get an advantage if u dont spend. Find for yourself a way to enjoy. If u have 2 whale factions in your region, try to see 3rd as being 1st. Then you will enjoy your fight again.

And lets all be honest, we love the game, you think without the whales you hate this game would still exist. You think scopely works for free? Start to become realistic. Either quit, or support the whales. Have fun with them, give them something worth the money they spend for us too. Maybe you’ll even get a few whale friend outta it.




Its a competitive game… They left the younger regions alone … Having a year to get a roster to dominate is long enouph

You’ll have top factions everywhere. Some stronger than others, but usually too strong for most f2p players.




Thank you, you guys were awesome too! It was a fun CRW, some great factions and strong competition this weekend.

I hate to even acknowledge the troll, but it’s obviously frustrating to see someone constantly spread lies about Legacy and Morgan. There are f2p in every region, and he gives Morgan no credit for how strong of a region they really are. We were planning on battling Mofos in Troup before so many factions left and Troup died. Mofos are a very strong faction, we obviously enjoy the competition. We decided to leave Troup before Notorious even arrived, they were originally only planning on staying for their 10 days anyway, I don’t know what part of the truth you don’t understand. We went to Morgan for the activity and top level competition (Parabellum, Nightmare, Capital Punishment, etc), not to “earn easy rewards by beating up on the f2p”.


I find it really pathetic there are regions full with mostly spender factions or semi spender factions including regions take white or troup they have I’m sure about 5 top faction a full of whales and rest are semi whales

Are you in rockdale? There’s a king crimson that just transferred over that’s factionless.