Whales for speaking and defend f2p

The company cares and takes care of whales more than any other players
So the whales should tell this company to give the game and other players updates and prizes satisfactory to all and correct the balance of power for a more fair game and enjoyment for all
I know a lot of good friends of whales
and isn’t selfish


If you don’t spend you must be a very hard grinder and strategist the rewards are way better now than before and watching videos everyday will give you atleast a ten pull a month not including league coins

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Hassan, the only way this company will listen is if the guys in your faction, my faction and every other faction stop spending. That is the only way for Scopely to take note.


What’s sad is we tell em to fix this ridiculous imbalance all the time.

Isnt fun for anyone.


Agreed. They don’t listen to the spenders anymore than they listen to the f2p. Perfect example was changing the wheel. Something so simple and easy.

They also have other successful games so a strike might not even do any good :frowning:


You could be right. At this point a strike could jsut result in the community killing the game itself. Not that the improvements to put things right would require vast time or effort


I think when s class characters become the norm, the game will start to lose most of it players. Disguising 7 stars as S class before fulfilling their promise of every 5 star getting ascended is not something that sits well with me.

Heck, did they even make 25 percent of the five stars into 6 stars? I would guess that number is lower. I would have been fine with it if they pumped out two legacy toons a month, but clearly their priorities are placed incorrectly. F2p are already struggling to kill gen 2 six stars. How can they even stay afloat with the S class toons? It’s a real shame. This game can’t be sustained at the current pace. They need to wake up.

Pete fell short of my expectations. I don’t think he’s the best character. But when they realease this new priya, that could be a different story.

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We’ve been thru this so many times.

Im pretty sure f2ps can easily raid other f2ps. The game mechanics are skewed towards easier attacking and more difficult defending. S class toons won’t change that.

If f2ps can easily kill the team of someone spending thousands on this game, what’s the point of spending in this p2w game. Sclass toons wont change the dynamics, for enemies who already had zachs and docs before.

Let the spenders trouble themselves with attacking other spenders. If one chooses to be F2p, just enjoy the game and compete as best u can, esp vs other f2ps. Don’t mind the s class if you have decided you don’t want to pay for it and play at that spending level. Game is still enjoyable.

I say this because I have one region where I spend, but also several that are F2p and I’m also enjoying playing my F2p regions. I don’t really care about s class in those regions. I’m just focusing on playing well enough to win versus enemies of my same roster strength. I really don’t care about zachs and docs and Petes in those regions

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I do fully agree with this but where the issue and dissatisfaction lays is in CRW. Facing off against your own strength is all well and good but facing off against elite teams is very discouraging for F2P. If 3 out of 5(pulling numbers out of my ass but based off of general complaints during CRW, probably pretty close) wars are against elite or strong competition fielding S Class or who ever is the newest promo, that’s a lot of time spent not enjoying the game for a lot of players, especially if the faction queues slowly and basically it’s another hour before you get your ass handed to you again. But a lot of that falls on the match making set up which could be improved to have more equal strength factions face off though with the potential for longer wait times.

But overall I agree, there is and always will be a gap between F2P and spenders. The gap may be at its widest but most F2P never had a chance to beat spenders no matter what the meta is and too much attention is spent focused on the competition between different competition levels when most of it should be about facing your own competition level. I can stand my own ground but I know when I face AP or EG or even factions 10-20 in the standings I stand a really good chance of being decimated before I finish my 4 attacks. But playing at a level that is more on par with mine and facing off against teams that are more aligned to my own level is quite fun still.

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Molly 4* .zake sr .dwight and jesus revive event and few wheel in event in past this chr was keys for f2p and all player to help player make raid faster so all was able to hit milestone in war
Now the 4th and lower rank in any region jus few able to do 100k milestone in war and many top faction lower defense to helping them
F2p now missed key chr in game
I’m ftp and 80% from ftp can’t beat my team

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^^^This^^^ For anyone saying they wont listen even if whales say something. Why would i do anything different than what i am doing if you keep giving money? It’s like a dog that pees on the floor, you give him a treat and say good boy, then say to people. “He keeps peeing on the floor and i dont know why” :roll_eyes:


This. F2P get that most of us won’t beat S Class teams or the 10% Elites and are cool with that.
But we want to be active & fight - not get trashed for 48 straight hours - you can’t get 30 folks to queue up for that.

The switch should be made to LEAGUE WARS. League raids, level ups, you name it. That way the elite get to battle the best in the game while free guys will also have great comp. All while allowing every category of player to live happily together in a region, since they won’t be fighting each other nor taking up the top of the same leaderboard.


Good ideas.

This also lol but you know why we had a change to leagues and not only do i see people in my region but fac mates in my leagues now, yea i fight fac mates for leagues placement

Divide and conquer

And we, the rts community is divided

That’s the issue f2p have with whales… Just bc you buy every new toon doesn’t mean you should be unbeatable by anyone. That is the biggest issue I have with this game - buying toons should still require strategy.

Buying toons like doc and negan require no strategy, zero skill. Having these types with no real counters except rng luck or an addiction and willing to spend is not playing a game. Not even close to it. We all get its your money but what yall forget is we are really talking about the game and making it actually playable

F2p doesnt get enough toons … No where near the release rate of pr. Its still far easier to acquire what you need to fill out different setups as a spender. F2p gotta hope and pray that whatever toon comes out fits their color lead skill and fills a needed ability on the team (disarm. High attack. Support. Etc) … So there is no reason f2p cant get better quality toons and that f2p and spenders cant see more variety come about by releasing more legacy toons

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Spending should be about skipping the line to get what you want early… Spending should be about having more options for team builds etc

Countless games have managed to balance f2p and spenders in a competitive atmosphere …

This game is a complete joke the last 6 months

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That is what they need to do. Take it to the team Scopely!!

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Pete is way 2 Strong imagine a whole team of him on defense in the future this is going to turn out bad.

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