Whale weapons work better

I face teams that peeps have earned maybe 40%
I face teams that are bought 5/5 stun or impair…thoughts?

What would Scopely gain by doing that? it’s not like buckets because nobody had said nothing before

Well you cant exactly buy a stun/impair gun…You can craft them from armory or get one from 4 star weapon wheel…so not really a whale only thing…

Lol find what you need to craft to get what you want and start taking territorys and start crafting

only way you will get them you cant buy them… it takes alot of trys and time but its worth it when you get them

VK enters the chat

Lol you can buy them and you can get blue stun guns, you can get great chance to stun, etc.

Anyways, weapons work better cause of the bucket they are in, if you are in the craft bad weapons bucket, you will craft bad weapons


Why would it take me like 3 rounds against a whale to produce 1 stun?

What is the point of this thread? Better weapons are better? Shush

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Yep whale weps have default stuns impairs etc with greater chances loool

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About a year ago they used to sell stun and impair weapons for about $100 a pop.
But now they’re in the 4 star weapon wheel, not to mention you can craft them.

“better chance to stun enemy when attacked” on human shield enemy

1st turn
character with active stun is stunned for 2 turns

2nd turn
everyone else is stunned for 2 turns


Ever heard of vk? Lol

Inside of the game I ment…

Also, curious if stun/impair rate in raids are equal depending on your bucket?

Seems it works MUCH more frequently on low level teams

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