We're looking for a new region

There’s 4 of us ranging from S11 to S15 on a wave 3 region looking for a new region.

We where all in rank 1 faction in our region but as things happen, it split.

Were all decently active and looking for an active, competitive region with minimal drama and idiots.

The four of us come as a package.


What wave are you currently in? Typically you can either move laterally in waves or up not down.

My bad I forgot to say. We’re wave 3. I’ve edited the OP.

I’d say come to Morgan. We are trying to revive it. But you said no drama… So there goes that.

Add me on Line, ID is ssinless. Not sure if we can take 4 but i can see if we can. Can invite you to our recruit chat and you all get a feel for us, we also have some rules so would prefer if you make sure youre cool with them.

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damn does that mean sargasm is done?


20 characters.

yall will be missed. but i hope you guys find a better home

Thanks dude. What’s going on with you anyway?

i owe people money and i cant get my phone back till i pay them off. so itll be a while till anyone sees me

Drugs are bad mmmmkay

funny thing is i spent every cent i got on the game lmao

Damn man, well I hope you get your shit sorted soon and get your account back.

We are reviving Montgommery. In January it will be dramafree. Some great facs there but we need some more competition. Its staying here with more competition or maybe moving up to wave 2.

Didn’t you say a other couple of regions moved there, Greenville and another?

Yes and spartanburg

We are in a similar position… 9 of us from a previous number 1 fac. Waiting to transfer and find a new home to rebuild. If you’d be interested in joining forces drop us a message on line. Id: rbottawa

Lol All you are is drama. Watch out for these peeps.

These guys are serious trouble. Drama x 1,000. Complete douches

Said the troll that made a forum account just to say that.