Were Hilltop badges removed from raids?

I was wondering if Hilltop badges were removed from raids? I need 10 badges to complete Hilltop collection in museum. I had full raid energy and used a can hoping for some drops in raids. Won 11/12 raids, and got no drops. Are they gone for some everyone or is my luck just bad?


Probably removed for faction raid starting today, hopefully they replaced at least with next badges, but not expecting that lol

Would also like to know was planning on dropping some cans.

Grrrr, and me with 89/100 for another turn in… typical useless screwups I’ve come to expect though from these morons.


damn. needed 21 for another token. lol.

They stopped dropping an hour before week 2 ended. Very dirty move as it was not advertised when they would stop dropping, I wasted 3 raid cans trying to get my last 2 needed hilltop badges in that last hour. I want my cans back or 2 hilltop badges.


Be nic3 if they let us turn in our unused badges at end into power tokens thru a museum event since ALOT of us are at 89 or 94 with Hilltop or Alexandria badges, and the museum event doesn’t expire for another 1 day and 10 hrs. for Hilltop badges.
99.9% of games I play tell you when an event ends and when it begins…not sure why this is too much to ask.

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