Well we finally got ascend medals in roadmaps (picture)

But not the ones we need :frowning:

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I could use all of those myself, sorry it’s not the ones you need @Alexfromrts :confused:

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dont need them still have 2m almost

Hey it’s fine but better then nothing lol


Sign me up!


30k enough to do 3x3*

Nowhere near enough for anything else

well more then 30k lol

Shoot I’m glad it’s these medals. I have none and 700+ of the leg medals so hurray something I needs actually is happening


Guess its a good thing lol

Maybe it’s the beginning of a regular map? :slight_smile:

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10k tooooooooo low I need millions I hope it can farm

I personally need the blue and the gold. I ascended a lot of 4* unto 5* for fodder. And right now I can’t ascend anyone because I’m saving any medals for a 6* that I would like to eventually ascend. Did I miss when this is being released?

Hopefully we get some for each stage completed and they are farmable. Had this been around the whole time I don’t believe we would all he at such a stand still. Well maybe not all but a vast majority

Really? I’m sitting on 900 legendary medals and 140k silver

give me more legendary cant do last 5 6s with 1500

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Plenty of gold here, need that silver to ascend my sixth 6* toon. Have two more waiting to be ascended too provided tokens and toons to trade in.

No one cares how much yall have. Keep it to yourselves, like you’re the only people who play the game.

Give us both medals as rewards for story maps!! Wth…

And all these different roadmaps, with such lil energy. It’s just ridiculous, can’t keep wasting hard to come by world cans.

Such a stingy, stingy, stingy company.

This may not be a medals roadmap, but rather a Story map (most likely shiva since kali mentionned it earlier) with medals as rewards for each acts…just check the duration 27 days, doubt a medals roadmap would last that long


If this is the case then I hope they have a recurring one planned. Hopefully it will be farmable.

Sr road event has medals as milestones in decent amounts. The question I have @kalishane is the road map farmable as it looks u don’t get medals for each stage and 10k for the whole act. 3 acts 30k not ideal for needing 250k a 6*. Can we get confirmation if it’s farmable?