Well, shit, seems I’m trapped

Wish me luck fellas, as I’m going to be trapped in a 1a region with a bunch of whales after all of these transfers, i lack the coins to move and everyone in my fac is leaving separately



Sorry to hear that fren, hope you find a friendly faction, all the best

(Maybe put on a whale camo and blend in, like whalesperes lol)


10 dollars is worth happiness. I cant imagine logging into a game and being unhappy over that small amount of cash.

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If the guy is really struggling that bad he should make a go fund me surely the internet will gift the accumulation of 10 bucks for him to enjoy rts lol

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It’s PU and PC fault. Wave transfers didn’t exist before they started

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I can’t help but feel like you’re being sarcastic

If u paid attention to other posts you’d know I’m making fun of @JohnAdams

Do some offers, watch some videos. Good luck.

You should go commit watch videos or commit die

dawg i aint watching 334 videos

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I’ll never understand watching videos id rather wash dishes at mcdonalds.

The thing about the videos is you can just hit play while your washing those dishes and get twice the coins

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