Well played Scopely


Wayland is next premier.


I think they’re trolling us


Lol this keeps getting better. Perfect timing scopely. Want the real deal? Pay up suckers!


He is still good at the current meta. Thats why.


Yup, they bring him up to rub your nose in how mediocre Leon is compared to him. Chapeau!


We aren’t saying he’s not good
We are saying he’s a better Leon who they are literally at the same time giving to f2p


I know mate :wink: I have him and he is a beast with that unique weapon and heal reduction.


I dunno … Some people… Lol
He is a beast


So you are saying something you have to buy is better than something you are getting for free? NO WAY! That only makes perfect sense.

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You can choice

Pay for Wayland


Accept the troll that Scopely give to you = Leon !




Pulled for Wayland, got decap 5 star Romanov (also an ascendable but I thought Romanov was the real kicker here)


He’s only on promo for players trying to get axel. He’s past his prime.


prolly have zac or dr steve promo before war, need to line the pockets

and then a nerf anyway… michgate! lolz


Past his prime and still better than leon lol


I don’t think he was ever past his prime. He’s still very good on the right setup. This coming from someone who still uses Anna on an attack team and wins a lot of the time (obviously talking about myself).


I’m talking in terms of past his prime for spenders who got him. Most have him relegated to the bench.


In that case yes.


He is comparing the toons, not the price tags. So yes, it makes sense to say Wayland is still better than Leon.


any team can be beaten with the right amount of planning and weapon making skills so i will say that saying f2p are all the way behind the p2p is an outright lie and dangerous one at that because it makes others mad and want to quit when in reality false information is just being spread so i request you stop

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