Well planned scopely


I know we got an announcement about the server maintenance, but did it really need to be scheduled during the survival road tournament? Can’t you think ahead a bit and shorten the tournament or wait til it is over?


Jynx…lol…i already started a thread.


2 hours between events seems like a better option but why should Scopely risk fulfilling a player first attitude.


I think we should all get free survival road refills if we were logged on and in the tournament when this started. It’s past my bedtime in the uk and to finish this one off I will now need to set my alarm.

Good job the just out of bed look tomorrow for work looks sexy and tousled on me. Lol


I used 3 and almost finished :frowning:


Extended an extra 30 minutes. Ooooo


Maybe it couldn’t wait? Maybe it has to do with prepping servers for faction transfers so people don’t overload them and lose all their shit.


When the eu is asleep. Nice.


Is there no time for it between events?


I missed out on both top ten finishes so will most likely not get Marlon now having wasted a lot of resources. Contacted support to complain. You’ll never guess what.
Cut and paste bs reply who knew ? Lol


Quote their tos back at them. They didn’t take all reasonable efforts to notify us in game. The tos don’t say nothing about needing to monitor the forum to see if we get a heads up Here.

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