Well? Next? 17 chars

Are you done with this game? If not…we all would like to hear from you.

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Are you the rehab clinic again?



I think i need one. :thinking:

Where the fuck is new guy at aswell lol.

Nope still here Screenshot_2018-10-24-14-43-41-1


I’m not done! Still playing and still a SC member :star2:


People always say done like it’s such a final thing. I think for a lot of people it’s not just like one thing or an event that causes them to stop playing. It’s more like a gradual thing. Losing interest and spending less time grinding or whatever. Missing a few days and then stopping. Or finding something better to do with spare time.

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Think you are on to something here. Those that rage quit usually returns quite fast. And it’s often driven by an impulse.

Those that actually leave are those that gradually loose interest and stop doing the grind. Then they realize that login streak doesn’t matter and stop caring entirely.

And one day they are just gone :blush:


What new guy?

There’s two types of quitters in this world.

Those who quit. And @Aeris.

Sorry Aeris


New guy came after jb moved on

There is a new guy?

Yes. Lol. @DZ.Scopely

He talks a lot.

Discovery zone?

DZ is kaiser soze. We wont find out who he really is until he limps out of scopely hq.

Or unless you frequent the cool kids line chats. :neutral_face:

Funny what you need to do with said job it says nothing about outside chats

Bollocks to that noise. Cool kids can keep their shitey chats. Whats the point in this forum?