Well I did it. So 10 bears is doable f2p

So it is reasonable to say f2p can at least obtain 1. I got her in the first 4 days. No spending. Has anyone tried those 1.99 for 6 arrow token bag thing going on? I want to try it out for more tickets but I’d like to know the odds before I spend anything. Anyway, I did it. I had to share with someone! Lol

Idk iif 60 is doable


Well 30 perfect of them you got from a roadmap that’s not refreshing.

6k cards to go #f2p4life


one faction mate only got the 250 arrows in the bags, another one who pulled didn’t get any 250 arrows in bags. Same here on the getting princess today - I imagine 2 5* princesses are doable for free to play just not s class

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Yeah I know right? I just don’t see it without spending a little bit. It took me 4 days and a ton of arena tickets, rm to get her. I mean a lot like 15 or so arena tickets to do it doing the tickets rm every few hours. Lol. But I would like to try the arrow bag .

I saved mine and went for cakes instead of bears wish I didn’t now


Wow but you got laopo! You still got plenty of time to do the 10 bears for her. Congrats! I may do that next for Aarav!

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. I earned every bit of her. But I would like to try the arrow bags to see if I could progress more.

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Your saying that 60 percent is doable because you got 10 in 4 days. But you aren’t going to keep the 10 bears in 4 days pace because 3 of those bears won’t be available to you again every four days (from the roadmap).


Going to go for this team my defends are so bad tried everything just need acending

Your right. I see what you mean. Overall this is a pay to play for S class but we got a 5* and maybe if we bend and spend a second 5* that we then have to waste multiple resources on to level up. Lol. I’m going to keep trying but I seriously doubt ill make 60.

Wow That’s not a shady team at all. Yeah focus on getting those ascended and you’ll be ok. A good lead can really be the diff. I didn’t know that until my mentor showed me stats on my kirkman negan with and without a lead. That was back in the first of the year when I just really got into it. But I digress. Yeah if you could add a princess to your roster it wouldn’t hurt. But you are going the right direction for sure. I just got Bruce and Miora and Denise. I have a ton of leveling to do. Good job! You still have plenty of time for princess!

I’m going to give it a shot ftp. But if I get close and know I won’t make it ill prolly bend and spend. Thanks I might try a couple. For 1.99 it really isn’t losing either way. Lol. I am a moderate spender. If I have it after I pay bills, and donate, sure, why not? Its Xmas time after all. :slight_smile:

as long as you enjoy the game and spend wisely (aka not growing broke) I have no issues with people choosing to spend on the game - I see it like people spend hundreds or thousands to go to sports events. We all pay for our own entertainment someway :slight_smile:


That’s true. I play a lot of games. So, its very moderate. I hardly do spend. But I treat myself from time to time. Im a plankton I guess. Lol.

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Just taking ages, I’ve Pryia and stuff like that but in this region she’s no good, used to love the game years ago but now you right is a p2p is f2p stand no chance

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It feels that way. Its getting worse. I just have spent a lot of time building my teams and I can’t give up. Lol. I have rows of 6* now and in may, I had 3. I even have a few S class. I’ve found priya pretty useful once I got her weapon lined out. Its all abt the right line up, mods and weapons anymore. Plus I’ve made very good friendships on there. I still enjoy it. When it becomes unenjoyable I take a break. But I won’t walk away from the progress I’ve made unless it just goes completely to shit. Lol. I agree its a pain sometimes though.

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Two harper’s isn’t doing you good there.

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Got my 1st princess today. Working on my bear #11. Grinding arena not bad. And starting the 15th a quill is supposed to be included in lvl up milestones. So might be possible to get her s class f2p

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That’s great! Congrats! I don’t see doing S class free but I’m sure going to see how far I can get toward her! She’s pretty tough as a stand alone 6*. So I’m not going to weep either way! Lol. Good job and good luck!