Well done scoopely


It is just sick, Scopely just dealed with one salty advantage, and did another with that 0. 99 offer. Nice done scopely


Nothing but crooks.


I’m a F2p.So I don’t need any offers


So I tested it out in another region I have a lvl 12 account. Did the pull had a 6* erica and andrea and one 5* ezek. Now that is some BS, I been wanting this erica for the longest and I get it for £1 on my noob account. Scopely needs to do better…main account offers £95.99…noob account £1. Why do we play this game again??!


With leagues coming now noobs can have advantage over the vets that have supported this game for years and thousands of dollars, only takes pocket change.

Sickening. 99$ offer for us to get 75 tokens , what a joke this company proves their selves to be every day.


Exactly wtf scopely why doesn’t all regions get this


This is complete bullshit treat everyone equal we should all get same deal ESPECIALLY THE OLDER PLAYERS THAT HAVE SUPPORT YOURE VIRUS OF A GAME THAT SUCKS MONEY OUT OF WALLETS … scopely=POS


Uninstall the game then. If it’s so unbearable then go find something else to do other than complain. You guys choose to spend. Up to u if you want steak or chicken…


I genuinely don’t believe that Scopely sold 3 anniversary pulls for cheap enough to test on an alt region, and if you mean the survival token wheel. You can’t pull Erica there

Pics or it didn’t happen



Well color me wrong, that’s a shitty thing from scopely, plus it’s scopely. Never thought they would make an offer like this


One dollar


![image|690x388](upload://zFt ATG3OYlRUm7rrJufFNsH4NYTh.jpeg)

All pulled on alternate regions for testing purposes. My main region lvl 120 did not have these offers, and my alt region lvl 110 didn’t either.


What are u talking about? I said i tried it on my other account to see if the £1 offer was there. Yes it was…i bought it and recieve those 3 toons. No one said anything about survival token.


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