Well done once again

-Slow clap- Bravo… just… Well freaking done scopely… People get 250k coins and some are smart enough to reap the rewards (good for them btw). The community once again goes in an uproar. New event pops up, confusing to many, and reeking of p2w and controversy due to filled roster space. Now nothing gets talked about of “Halloweengate” and we’re flooded with new event conversations. Daaamn that’s gotta be a record. Well done…


Agreed. Justice for my troops.

Yep all round poor as usual getting close to the delete button now

Not defending them, but you think they came up with this event in the space of a few hours just to distract the masses? The event would have been a few weeks in the planning, possibly even before some absolute idiot decided to programme coins instead of SD tokens.

Not saying haloweengate wasn’t a major fuck up, but your claim that this event is just to distract us is baloney


Funny how they usually start events in Fridays but this one starts right away on a Monday without any warning beforehand at all? Obviously they didn’t make the event in a day, but easily could have pushed it up and started it early.

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Or it was pushed forward

Fine, they brought it forward.

If you are getting distracted from their f_ck ups - and lets face it, this is just one of an ever-growing string of them - by some shiny letters and a new status effect, then you’re an idiot.

this game is like the daily news cycle, yesterdays hero is todays villain and tomorrows “who’s that?”

Only without any heroes…

Oh hell no, was suggesting the pushed it forward to distract us with a shiny new thing.

I aint falling for it, and haven’t since the 12 6* toon for $36 (not spending).

See right through what they are doing and not falling for it

Errrmmm, have you forgotten @KookIand so soon?


he’s gone now isn’t he???

Crazy to think the games biggest supporter became its biggest asset for the revolution lol

or am i getting things wrong again in my old age


It wasn’t. It was due to start this Monday way before Halloweengate

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You’re spot on there, they turned their biggest supporter against them which says a lot. Kook became PU. Always have time for him.

where has he gone now ?

i wish they had just launched the FA event lots have been asking for for months instead of another cash grab disguised as an event

I stop . Enough . Go refund us plz scopely

Why doesn’t Scopely advise this? Sorry but until Scopely actually advise this directly I don’t have sufficient evidence to disprove that this wasn’t pushed forward.

Fair enough, just thought I’d let you know so chasing a conspiracy doesn’t invalidate your other valid points

Not really going to do that as un related and it was speculative & a suggestion… not said it was a fact. I try to be careful to only say statements that facts can back up e.g. Scopely lied to us about the unintended coins etc - as there is evidence to prove this and by Scopely own omission, it is a lie.

But with this, just speculating, thinking out aloud. If indeed the event was premeditated, then would just like evidence to back it up, so I can base that thinking in fact and not speculation. Thanks tho Parker :blush: