Greetings Survivors,

As part of the Promises we outlined to the community, we are excited to share with you the new Road to Survival blog!

You may have already seen the blog when it launched in-game last week timed to the Halloween event, but if not, we wanted to make sure you were aware and encourage you to take some time to explore:

We understand the importance of communication and we hope that the blog is another step forward in better communication with our players, in and out of the game.

As for the content on the blog, expect to see major announcements, game updates, community highlights, and more.

Thank you,
The Walking Dead Team


How do you understand this, showed in No way before
Yes becouse comunication cant be worse


So the blog is going to be what the forums were supposed to be? Got it


When No commennt section in the blog it is No way in to the game from there How much you say it or not.


Perhaps it was made with good intentions. But it still looks like an attempt to get rid of criticism and negative comments from forum users.
You can only like the blog. There is no comment option.


Any form of new communication is a welcomed change, as long as it’s used correctly.

Communication is a 2 way thing however it doesn’t seem to be that with this new blog.

It wasn’t what I had in mind if I’m honest, although it is welcomed.

I think if customers were asked about what a new blog or how communication should be communicated it may include some of the following:

  1. In game accessibility - through playing other mobile games through tapjoy, I’ve come across great features that other gaming platforms use.

For instance in war and magic and godfather, they actually have the help functions within the village or main page as a click on.

Godfather takes this further and has a bulliten board with in their mansion that everytime it’s scrolled upon, provide a short synopsis for customer to click on and find a message from the company.

This could be

• Alerts or issues with in the game currently that are being fixed or that company is aware of
• Service maintenance occurrences
•Compensation to be collected by customer for service maintenance, to name a few.

Think including this feature within the actual main homepage would be really helpful to customers as it would provide

• Greater visibility
• Shows Scopley is aware and updates the whole customer base with any ongoing issues
• Becomes a first port of call for customers to gather information or to be kept informed directly by Scopely

Also could be a fun feature, it could be like a safe house or something, something in line with the games ethos, with announcements that regularly are announced on forums or other media’s being reported their firstly, ensuring all customers and not just a select few are privy to information.

  1. The information presently available in the blog.

Most of the information I see in the blog is good, but heavily gear more toward advertising then actual real time issues and promoting ways for customers to engage more with Scopely and the community.

We be great to have as suggested in point one more:

• Relevant real time information (as pee point 1)
• Access to surveys, polls, Scopely generated topics for customers to engage in and provide feedback for the betterment of Scopely which = better retention = More profit.

  1. Connecting customer support and the support function - I think that Scopely misses a trick with the current support function it has. It’s hidden away and doesn’t seem accessible, however the platform could provide a great use of communicating real time issues, more FAQ questions, Surveys and Polls etc or links to the latter. Again having this platform and information more visible and feel more like a part of the product rather then disjointed would really help customers alot and also allows Scopely to track information because it’s all in game.

This could lead to Scopely making great advantage of this.

• Future focus groups - customer who are recorded using this function and hopefully the surveys can then be invited to focus groups, and Scopely will be able because the data comes from in game where the customer demographic is captured, ensure that customers selected represent a wider range. Again this should come with incentives such as with the surveys, and to make sure that the same set of customers are not picked over and over again as that can lead to bad data production.

  1. Engaging with customers - Doesn’t seem to engage with customers enough I.e. starting dialogue with customers. I’ve mentioned some potential features it could have, but in addition it could have so much more.

For example a great idea to integrate customers more into the game is to let customer pick one of the legacy toons to feature in league stores. Could be a cool promotion, could set up roadmaps so customers are reminded of their skills, and a “who will you pick this season” kinda thing with videos of how each toon (from a selection offered that is relevant to current meta). This would really engage customers.

Having features where customers can provide specific feedback or suggestions I.e. could be within the feature a suggestion tab, with a blur of what this feature is about and then sub categories that customers in game can directly provide Scopely with ideas, new features, missed opportunities etc.

This information because of how it’s constructed would help Scopely to better organise data instead of multiple posts where information can get become lost with all of the traffic.

Scopely could really be a unique mobile gaming platform and a leader, and so many of these features can cross over to other products. All it takes is listening and engaging with customers directly.

Hence, this is always why it’s important to get feedback directly from customers proactively, so they can have a hand in shaping a new feature that is intended for their use, also customers are a great source of new ideas and due to their unique interaction with the product can provide a different insight also.

@GR.Scopely @TayTron @Shawn.Scopely


It’s a vanity project…

It’s posting information that should simply be posted here (an in super secret line chat) and trying paint picture of happiness and harmony. I too noticed the fact no comment section so no moaning, no criticism and more importantly no means to feed back.


How will this be implemented in game to be useful to those needing the information? My main concern is the lack of information being put IN GAME for people. An example being how we were suppose to mail support for our Michonne flags at first before the gave out wide compensation. That type of future information needs to be put on a game newsletter or that blog that needs to be linked in game for example. People aren’t in special line chats or reading the forums etc.


Have you been on that cider again :rofl::rofl:

Never stoppad
Nice to see you back from suspension

Can’t even like it not coded right
But ain’t a scope product if no bugs


Issue I have is the post pages are really bright with a light grey text, can be hard to see and hard on the eyes as well. Any possible option for a darkmode? The old blogs white text on dark grey was much easier on the eyes.

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Where’s Maggie?


Glad to be back haha

I don’t see what’s the use of this blog… We already have all on this forum

Over/under 3 weeks until blog is neglected and falls behind?

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@Lockdown Currently there’s no darkmode but as I am gathering the 1st feedback around the blog I will make sure to add this one to the list.

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You can get all the information directly within the game which wasn’t the case before.

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Also love the irony in posting information about a game blog that gives information on the forum which is meant to be the official place information about the game is posted in 1st place…