Welcome to Morgan - Summer 2018

Looking for a summer get away? Want a friendly, well mostly friendly, place to visit? If so, Morgan is the place for you!

Morgan region offers:

  1. Free armory take over, thats right, no one defends it! More than two teams in these territories are severely =-( upon. Perfect for group wanting to spend some quality time with our favorite blacksmith Earl! (He has all the best jokes. Be sure to pay him well in advance, his perferred currency is duct tape and polishing kits!)

  2. Calm seas with minimal competition. Thats right you heard it, minimal competition! With most our our actives looking to new horizons, Morgan is ripe for enabling new/mid-tier players to grow. Even better! the low activity of those around will encourage active players to leave, so this oasis of good fortune is sure to last.

  3. A budding retirement community! With nearly all the titans having left, or the few remaining ready to leave, it’s a great place for those seeking to just check in once and a while to keep the farms producing should you want to dip your toes in the waters once again.

  4. Leave messages that last for days! That right. You can post on the global chat and not fear being swallowed by the voices of others. Leave a message and it will sit for hours at a time for all to see. The digital equivalent of a region bulletin board. Be sure to post your lasting memories and see how long it lasts!

So if you are looking for a calm summer getaway consider Morgan region.


Guess that’s why gov cheered for leaving old regions closed, so that newbies and mid tier meat won’t run away from ‘em once again :joy:

Haha I just wanted to write a fun counter to the competitive posts. Hope it was. Mildly enjoyable to read.

Yes it was, gj :slight_smile:

I feel like the more people post the negative sides to this idea, the more scopely will reconsider it and take it away. These types of posts, while funny, and all recruiting posts should really stop until we have more specifics.

What’s negative? Our actives can leave which are already frustrated with lack of activity which is a good thing cause we can play the game once again. The in-actives will be left as they would otherwise since our actives were already considering leaving the game all together.

If someone wants to swoop in for prizes, have at it. They will just be replacing our actives and those remaining will be equivalent or better placement wise than they already are. If you choose to swoop in, expect to be pretty bored competitive game play wise.

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Tempting offer. If region transfer is not limited, I’d love to drop by and scoop up some easy tokens, trainers, and medals. I deserve a nice break.

That’s exactly why they will limit it

#1 is also what my region does (for the most part, few stragglers out there).

Sign me up for a summer getaway!! Hope it comes complete with a back rub and a mai tai with one of those paper umbrellas. :crossed_fingers:t4:

Haha Shady. Your bartending right?

You know it! My hands don’t get down with back rubs though. You have to recruit someone else for the masseuse/masseur position.

Pretty sure @Dreaddie is into that stuff. Though he can be a bit handsy. Gentlemen beware :wink:

Lmao. I entertain myself to no end.

Good call! @Dreaddie can bring relaxation a new meaning during this summer getaway.

Always a happy ending when @Dreaddie is involved.

Let’s go ahead and assign @Khaleesi1 to the official Morgan greeter role. She’ll make everyone feel at home.

Book me 2 of these summer getaways!

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Nice ! A sweet summer fling with alpha casual game play sounds nice. Wait a second my region is already like that . Hmmm might have to consider a “staycation”

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