Welcome to dyer

Now that the region transfer has begun,i would like to welcome​:hugs::hugs: those members who are joining the dyer region​:yum:.Here,my faction is Atomic shaved sheep short for ASS.i know it kinda funny when you look at it​:sweat_smile::joy:but we are the #1 faction in this region​:triumph:.
So yeah,we are recruiting active members,team grade doesn’t matter,feel free to pm me,my line id is g.322
Also,welcome again

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Lol you’ve been the #1 faction for 24 hours. It isn’t going to last :slight_smile:

You will be number 1 for another 2 hours until Demon leaves haha

I missed his response…

Hopefully you stay in that wave 3 region because if you go to wave 2 or eventually wave 1 you’ll be sitting in 15th

Im staying. Just waiting for them to open it. So we can stop being in limbo as to what will be

I can’t believe that all of you are just focusing on our faction being #1, not noticing that we r recruiting, can’t believe such people​:frowning::frowning:

Well theres nothing much happening in dyer since inbound is closed off

Lol you haven’t been #1 in 24 hours. Just making sure people know ass is not #1

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