Welcome back Kalishane


I hope you had wonderful holidays.

And happy new year to everyone.

@kalishane a little question. Do you have some information about the next CRW? Like rewards? =)


Lol sad


Lol, I thought that said Ho Ho Holiday for a minute there :joy:


Lol sigh. Lets see what happens first they have a lot of questions that need addressing :D.


You already know it will be
Milestones for gear/stuff
5* toons or tokens


lol? For what :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I know I know… but I was nice =D


Welcome back buddy


Hi There everyone!

They haven’t been approved yet.
I promise to post them when they’re 100% locked in. :slight_smile:
I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday!! Excited for the New Year!

I actually have a lot of feedback to gather, and messages to answer.

I believe the rest of the team is catching up right now as well so I most likely will not be able to address all the questions. Is there a summary of what you feel are the most important threads that I can see if I can knock out?


I think that there are not so many things.

The winter event was unlucky…non streetmaps for a second pull… very sad

And I heard, that a lot of people didnt get a promised 5* char after pulling 40 times. . within a promo… Support didn’t answer or can’t help…


The nugget event. It was reset allowing a select group to get extra pulls at the best gear and for some reason support allowed a few players to have their pulls reset.


What I’ve gathered:

-the winter event was a bust
-some more rightful complaining about territory bugs
-more quitting
-complaining about scopely’s complete absence during holiday breaks
-the new gear roadmap setup is complete garbage and nearly unfarmable
-need more ways to get gold ascendance tokens
-not getting 5* when doing a 40 pack /40 pulls in one promo

That sums up what I’ve seen (granted I may be missing some) and I don’t agree with some of the points


That about sums it up


That winter event was HORRIBLE! Who in bloody hell thought that was a good idea? And everyone agrees with me too. Look at the other threads about it. But the nuggets were good. Just let walkerdude handle these things from now on


I believe they’re still looking in to this!


I don’t believe the walker dude designed the nuggets. LiveOps came up with that I believe. Which I was happy to see because it was almost like a depot of sorts.

I will let them know about the winter event. thank you Conomer!




I actually thought the nugget event was good…till the end. There were enough nuggets received and they were given out a good amount as prizes (though prizes seemed to be less good at the end), overall I enjoyed it. Unfortunately the ending of the event with people able to pull 8 times for GPS and Canteens just ruined it for me. You set the limit at 4. People shouldn’t have been able to get around that. Same with Wyatt.


Thank you Sleepless! Noted.


I actually agree! The nuggets were widely available through many of the solo events and faction events combined, you should’ve been able to easily attain at least a Wyatt and a some miscellaneous gear.

Overall, the fact that the nuggets were rewards for almost all if not all of the tourneys during the nugget event, is a huge thing. In before events it’s like they had great rewards but was very hard to obtain the pieces to actually get the rewards and I think it was a fair pace this event.
(Not too hard yet not too easy)

I think the event would’ve been much more appreciated if maybe both a ranged and a melee toon were up for grabs that way if you don’t have a good melee leader, you weren’t limited to a melee toon that won’t directly help right away… (Rosita or leaked Jessie for example)