Weirdness in SR Tourney

So somehow the first 9 stages of Bronze level were completed for me. I definitely didn’t play them. Did anyone else have this happen? I double checked my account and it looks ok. I’m really not sure what happened.

Did you take your meds today dude ?

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I definitely didn’t play the stages. There was a team being used that I never used before in my life which I never would have even made. At first I thought maybe someone got a hold of my account, but everything else on it looks Ok.

He definitely didn’t or it was the wrong pill.
He didn’t answer your question.
Trying to be sneaky

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Crack pipe?

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Quit buying stuff off vk

he’s Drunk test

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Seu filho jogou men

Nah, I checked my Twitter feed. I didn’t post anything offensive, so it definitely wasn’t the Ambien.

This post is the most interesting thing about this game today!!!


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