Weirdest offer ever


Lmao yeah it is sheer lunacy


Next bottleneck

Maybe it’s a prelude to some awesome 5* weapons about to be added :man_shrugging:

i mean i guess its ok for depot points but would you really make enough back in depot points for it to equal 15 dollars lol

To be fair the did call it lunacy lol

Consider it a check for lunacy.

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It called lunacy for a reason

my favorite is the “crazy bag” where you have a 95% chance to lose your ass for buying it.

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That is a weird offer. 5 bucks for a feather? I got 70 of them for free the other day lol!


You’re going to make me cry my guy

I think ozzy said it best. No more tears!!

500 basic tokens is worth it. That’s lots of weapons to disassemble and 3 and 4 star toons to sell.