Weird walker glitch

So not sure what maybw causing this but when I auto zombies right now im getting a strange glitch where my toons will just do nothing and not proceed with the waves @JB.Scopely if you.can look into this much appreciated, its been a glitch since I got followup morgan.

It’s a widespread bug with Morgan killing walkers and then just sitting there, guess for now all you can do is keep him off your team. APPARENTLY Scopes is working on it, we’ll see what kind of solution they churn out. They haven’t fixed territories yet, doubt they’ll get to this anytime soon with oh so much on their plates. :wink:

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It happened alot yesterday while doing SR. Finally just took him off my team.

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Been happening a lot just my auto everything team dropped him off it so fingers crossed of a eventual fix

Whos ready to place bets on a Morgan silent nerf ?

I bet they will remove the maim damages from his AS and offer a hand grenade in compensation.

Shall I start a poll ? I’ve seen lots of us enjoy polls lately :grin:


You mean active skill even then I dont use it much after he rushes theres the damage.

Sorry, I fixed my post.
Lots of Morgans owners reported that no maim damages were dealt … it reminds me of The Wanderer so wild guess, maybe they will go for the easiest solution : removing the ability thats not working !

I get maim to work outside of gaurdian but would rather have him get focus

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