Weird Looking Characters


Why does Alpha look like a uppity young preppy highschool kid still in his puberty?

Why does Beta look like a midget?



They were totally inspired by you. :kiss:


I don’t know but I’m not impressed with their design either. I never read the comics so maybe they’re sticking with canon, again I don’t know. But I do know that the combo of that green and yellow, along with the barbed wire print on beta and too many layers on alpha just looks objectively bad bad bad. The masks look like they went shopping in LA Koreatown and found some new mud mask facials.


This is just a side story Scopley made, and it’s not their official looks. Alpha has a bold head in the comic, and would never side with Negan, Dwight, or Governor. She only meets Negan in the comics, and things get crazy. They’re apart of Scopley’s Lucille Force storyline only, which is why they look weird.


The Whisperes wear walker flesh to defend themselves from walkers, and plan brutal attacks on other survivors. Yea, I know it’s insane. Those are skin masks. :blush:


I used to date this woman years ago that liked putting purple body paint on, and would put glitter sparkles all over her body and to top it off she would put these 1980’s antenna headband on that had 2 dangling springs that had a green Styrofoam star attached to each tip.

At first I was a bit perplexed seeing her in this fashion.

But it grew on me cause it brought something special out of her :slight_smile:


At first, it made me think of the sanctuary walkers that Eugene melted in the show xD
Thanks for clarifying that to me ^^


Beta should look huge. He towers over negan in the comics. Instead they make negan look huge.