Weird censorship

So far I’ve seen money signs … The word yawn … And general discontent all fuzzed out or hidden from view… What’s with the censorship on this forum…if we want to complain…this is the place to do it…and the other things … The money signs and the word yawn…I’m not understanding why they are blocked …just general wonderment


Fuzzed out is blurred spoiler text, and is added by the user who makes the post, usually for comedic effect, but sometimes to blur out actual spoilers.

As for the hidden text, that’s generally due to community flags, and that can happen for a number of reasons, some good, some bad.

Censored posts are usually deleted outright, or closed permanently.


Ironically in this case as opposed to many other things on this forum, this is not censorship. I blurred out the word “yawn” in my post to bypass the character limit restrictions lol


LMAO…ok thanks guys…I was super confused to why this was happening