Weekly subscription rewards

Has anyone received the weekly rewards yet for the club? Can you shed some light on the matter @jbscopley


No havent

I really would like to know what’s going on? Couldn’t rally use the gear for level up.

Definitley have not received the gear as scheduled today. Past Fridays have had the reward already by now.

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Was wondering the same. If they aren’t fulfilling the known, posted rewards it makes me worried for the two weeks after that they posted ??? For


Well if they somehow screw up again like they always do I’ll be canceling the subscription and asking iTunes for a refund. No point in continuing to pay for a service that you get nothing from it.


Hey Taco, I cancelled mine a while back now after not getting the damn benedicts. Had to wade through swathes of support bs, which was just a waste of time with cookie cutter responses.

The whole product survivor club offers is currently overpriced and not functioning as intended.

Get a refund. I would only resub to it if they can guarantee these kinds of faults are fixed and every subscribed member receives the advertised content.

I still don’t understand how they can justify the price for something that does not deliver all advertised content and have support throw such garbage responses at you.

Not cool Scopely. You don’t need the negative PR.


Yeah, has anyone seen the search bar on the forums :thinking:

i got the pop up message showing the rewards but they are not in the offers for me to claim either. i have 2 days left on my subscription and was thinking i wasn’t getting them because i cancelled the membership lol

Missing mine too. Waiting on them to claim a ygl for event

Was looking forward to that gear.

WTF. Hey, does anyone have a screenshot of those weekly rewards for SC? Now looking back I wished I had as complete proof to Google for refund. If there is no gear given by the end of tjis weekend I am going to cancel SC and request refunds for last month and this month (just renewed 2 days ago). Also used to get 10-12 comics a week nd last 2 weeks has been the bare minimum 6. Again if you took a screenshot of this award schedule please share it here.

Nemmeno io ho ricevuto le ricompense

It always makes me smile when I see this thread topic. What do you expect when you’re throwing money at incompetency. You deserve it. Good luck, have fun.

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That feel when still no use of the search bar. I don’t think we need a lot of threads about this particular issue.

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I don’t really understand your comment and it didn’t really have anything to do with the question about the weekly rewards from the subscription

Has there been anything from scopley as to why nobody has received the rewards yet?

Yes, it’s because people cancel the membership early, so the game thinks you are no longer entitled for said rewards (it is also a bug on Scopleys end and they are fixing it). We don’t need multiple threads about this specific issue.

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There is a topic on this created almost every day and there is no answer except maybe to fix it in a few years. Use the search tool.

As to why you’re not getting weekly rewards, it’s not that hard to figure out. Think about who you’re dealing with. They’re like that friend you loaned $5 to because they said they would pay you back, but never do. “Professional defaulters” you may call them.

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