Weekly solo missions not counting

I see a topic for the faction missions but not one for the solo ones. So logging it here so that it’s not overlooked.

Early yesterday my solo targets were recorded accurately, but at some point, possibly after I downloaded the update, any solo successes stopped being added to the counter. That is still the case this morning. Faction mates report the same bug. Pretty important to fix this if we want our progress towards the comics to count.


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+1 weapon mission stick at zero

Open up a ticket with Support they’re looking into it already but I imagine the more people report it the more serious the issue gets

I am also having this problem.

  1. 4* weapon count stuck at zero after multiple upgrades. All of them using max ranked upgrades, dt and pk.
  2. Scavenger missions not counting.

As @Paves said, they seemed to work before the update but stopped being counted after. Considering these are time sensitive, could we get and extension?



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