Weekly Roadmap Rotation Change


We all know that there is a rotation of roadmaps like xp on monday and tuesday, gear map on thursday and such but why don’t we have all possible farm maps up everyday so anybody needs shirts&gloves can farm anyday or you need food sure go ahead and farm it if you have time. Many event coincides with more important farm maps such as gear map and you miss your chance to get those shirts etc.

Just rework them like radio maps reset everyday and always up and many problems solved.

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So if you don’t need them nobody should get them?

No matter how long you’ve been playing, those shirts & gloves still run dry from time to time because the higher level road maps don’t drop them.

How about 1 permanent road map with a toggle option to chose what you want it to drop, gear, XP, survivors, food etc?


Yes but not all players are old time players. I have a login streak of 481 days and definetly don’t need %90 of them but i can empathise other players and many people could have use this change and i dont suggest many icons on roadmap but they can make a new scavenge map and put them there and we can actually seperate them from actual timed roadmaps.


since when 13.3 gives shirts&gloves?


3 energy for 7.1 and you get 1-2 pieces very efficient indeed. You might have a lot of free time on your own but most don’t.


then either you did not used your shirts and gloves much or had quite many stockpiled before. New players don’t have those luxuries. It is a suggestion and Scopely can decide and prioritize it anyway.


Lol I said i have a login streak of 481 days i am in a #1 faction and playing for a long time. But my point is there can be an improvement on those roadmaps and rewards can be replaced improved aswell which will result in more managable farming for players that is all.


Not sure if you are trolling. ^^ You got 4.852 gloves and shirts. Those will only produce you enough 2* to max six 5*. This amount of gear will last you around 16 days with three training grounds running.
If you use role specific training, you’ll have to divivde these numbers by 2 (three 5* maxed and 8 days running).

I have some faction members that burned through more than 10k each since ascension started.

Like @DreamWalker said, either you were sitting on tons of that stuff or you haven’t really leveled any toons lately. These numbers won’t get you far.


i know damn well im always pretty low on shirts and gloves. if you can’t farm thursdays roadmap you are ultimately screwed ive been playing for 2 years and without you got lucky it takes alot of shirts and gloves and even with ygl, you still need to level ar.


I love that you have over 2k of shirts and gloves but only 4 waist pack and 11 sunglasses. Did you just grind low level all day every day?


2k shirt/gloves is nothing, must not compete in level ups or rely heavily on ygl