Weekly mission x2

another nice job

It’s 2 days early :-/

Two days early is well within scropely’s tolerance for quality check :+1:

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Nice orange bucket, I went with blue myself

Guess early is better then never :joy:
You know they forget to press buttons!

Wow you guys are not smart! Take these posts down! How is this even a bad thing?


Let it go…
At least they have it ready before the thanksgiving

One of the items is to level up your player level, so I have already leveled and now I need 97% more percent to achieve a new player level-up… so leveling so fast world requiere 40-45 cans on regular roadmaps with the 2 territories… Its so much for the regular player…


I’m just glad I didn’t level up for the first 1 yet! 2x would have sucked!

Yes and knowing that mission is coming back weekly now you get a head start on next weeks mission and you can claim 2… again I don’t see the problem

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I don’t see how this is a good thing… we have less time to lvl up our player lvl. If it started on Thursday like it normally does I would have had 9 days to lvl up my player lvl not 7. & We don’t know if this is an extra statue. they could have just pushed next week mission early due to it being a holiday on Thursday just in case it has bugs.

Not only Weekly Mission x2.

Bugs x2
Special Offer Just 4 You! X2
Event Gate x2.

I love this game!

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