Weekly mission of ascending character

I just ascend some 4* characters and they didn’t go toward my weekly mission @GR

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Missions aren’t working for me either

Ascend 5 is absurd :man_shrugging:t3:


This must be a bug

Where should I get so much legendary medals to ascend five 5* character

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It sure in the hell is, just like requiring 400 pulls for faction missions. I was pissed as soon as I saw it.


Is it 5* only?
If so i don’t even have enough medals lol :joy:


Just ascended a 3*… works for me;)

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Its been 400 last two weeks and 500 before that

I know that. I’m saying it shouldn’t be in there.


One upgrade weapon it doesn’t count if you use the upgrade basic stat option. Trying next option up. If that doesn’t work it means you’ll have to use ducttape.

Scopley figured a way to remove that as an option for players to get comics

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Same here. Ascended multiple 3*, 4*, 5* characters, does not work.

Same here, I also acseend 3 and 4 star, nothing. Hmm don’t know if I wanna waste 300 medals for a “try” if it’s working with an 5 star?

I ascend five 3 stars. Just used a bunch of basic tokens since hey are all three stars.

Annoying, but quick.

I tried too. Not working for me :frowning:

3-4-5* everything works fine here

Didn’t work for me, pissed about wasting time leveling

Mine worked, damn waste of resources thou, which was Scopes plan

i ascended two 3* so far working fine gor me np