Weekly Faction Mission [Aug 16]

Greetings Survivors,

There is currently an issue with the “Weekly Faction Missions” in the Missions Event tab. The missions required to complete the “Weekly Factions Missions” event are not tracking faction progress correctly and are instead tracking solo progress.

That being the case, we will be delivering all of the completion rewards from the mission to all players, regardless of any progress they’ve made in the missions. This includes the following items:

  • 1,350 Assault Tickets
  • 1 War Can
  • 50,000 Ascendance Medals
  • 2,000 4-Star Weapon Tokens
  • 50 Legendary Medals

Expect to receive these items in your inbox within the next 24 hours.

Note: The “Weekly Faction Missions” event will remain in the missions system until its scheduled expiration time. Players who complete any of the missions (in their current bugged state) will still get to claim the rewards (in addition to the full reward set we are sending players). Also note, the mission “Open Premier Recruits 400 times” is working as originally intended and will still track faction progress.



Thanks… Where’s war?


We want a start time for war :sunglasses:


Thanks. Hope there is a solution to SR and a JUST COMPENSATION FOR 2 WEEKS OF MILESTONES REWARDS wasted because of bugs.

Solo weekly mission for toy figures also doesnt work!!! Please fix this


@GR.Scopely the weekly mission goal “Level up Combat Mods 20 times” doesn’t seem to be working. Unless “combat mods” are specific mods. I’ve leveled mods about 30 times and it still says zero.

Has anyone gotten this one to work? Do you have to level attack mods or something else specific?

mine has counted 20 mods

Do you recall what you leveled? I can’t get it to count anything.

I’ve levelled various mods and they’ve all counted. They were all gold level if that makes a difference.

i did some attack mods and crit attack

Sigh. Nope. Tried attack set, crit set atk bonus mods, gold, bronze, pretty much everything. Nothing increases the count. smh

Yep. Seems it’s not just my mods goal. They were tracking but now nothing works and I can’t add to any goals on my weekly solo missions.

Same with scav missions and probably ascend ect

You need to Remove the requirement of 400 Pulls from it!!! It absolute horseshite! Factions missions should not require MONEY to be spent to finish, period. Not to mention those are some shite rewards for spending what $400+ dollars!
You putting that crap in there shows how out of touch you ppl are!

Same goes for the Ascend 5 toons in the regular weekly missions!!!

Listen to the damn community!


Beautifully said

is already withdrawn for the week

Great. After I already wasted the resources ascending 5 toons I’d never have bothered ascending. ARGH!!!

Anyone else update your app on Android and are still able to add to the weekly mission goals? I’m trying to determine if this is from the update. This was working before the update and now I can’t add to any of these goals.

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The 400 pulls? They’re still there just updated and logged on and it’s in the faction missions. Or are you talking about the ascend 5?

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