Weekly faction event question

How is a faction supposed to complete 50 faction assault bosses in a week?
Is the count for only making it the end boss or each stage?
Isn’t there a cool down after each complete win?
It is rare in game to get tons of tickets, so if it pops up every week because awesome RNG, it’ll just be another added but not meant to be finished party of the game.


Every single attack on final stage counts even if you loose
I did a tier 1 round attacked boss with 1* only and 50 was easy peasy


Okay thank you.
Just couldn’t figure out how they came up with 50 if it was only killing the last boss.

I believe it’s 50 hits against any human stage. I haven’t done it but I’ve been told only walkers don’t count

didn’t think this rant through did you lol

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