Weekly Event Mission 7 days?

why 7 days when you can finish this for 1 day max ?
i understand some people is not very active but make it 2 days what the hell is this 7 days im sure most of the players already done it and now will just wait i still have to finish 4 territory and done with this 7 days event …

Because they don’t want u getting too many comics, duh

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Because there’s 7 days in a week? Weekly missions reset every week. If they wanted it to reset every day or 2 days, it’d be called daily/bi-weekly missions.

They could do it on a rotating schedule, 4 days then 5 days then 4 days and really mess with people :joy::joy:

Lol. I’m personally not complaining. Assuming all of the weekly missions are as easy as the current week, players can easily max out shield Andrea to T4 if they also used their free 7 day subscription.

Alternatively, they could decide if they want a t3 Julie, or wait for a new survivor club character

15 comics a month will take u 8 months to t4 her. Have fun

Technically 7 months since you can only claim it 7 times. 7 months isn’t good, but hey, if this had started 7 months ago, it’d be better than nothing.

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