Weekend War Rewards?

What do we think this weekend war rewards will be?

Hoping something different to rotting heads or this war will be a waste of time (unless they are going to be used for another character)

Let’s hope it will be collective cards for S-Class. . .

I would expect minor variations to the last war.

Milestones similar, might swap out 5* tokens or gold mods for small amounts of armory tokens (or not, of course).

Choice boxes should have Guo cards, maybe Wangfa as well.

Some of us still need a few rotting heads and still more probably need a lot of rotting heads so won’t be a waste of time for the majority.

It will be cut and paste :+1:

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rotten heads should hopefully still be in rewards, otherwise us in new region will have no chance of getting s class kapoor. it will be our first war.

@Ashers It will be announced later on this week :wink:

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