Weekend war coming


Since I believe you were planning to hit us up with a war inside the regions only, I would like to suggest you making it a regular war, but only with a blitz format of 6 players… this way it would be quicker and more factions could get involved even in the regions who are slowly dying.
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6 v 6 will definitely not be welcomed by those extremely active regions who may even wish a 10v10 or 12v12 war. What Scopely needs to do is to customize war for different regions based on their activeness. Prize structure also applies. Just there are so many optimization they can do to improve player experience.


6 v 6 in blitz format is more fun, but max. 48 players (24+24) are out of the game. Why not making “war slots” where 3 or more wars running at the same time. Imagine: hit the war button and get 3 slots - First one fights actually, second one is searching and in the last are only 3 players in, just for example.


Just make a war so that your war party doesnt have to be full. Then the leftover 2 spots, can be filled with bots of one of your faction mates. The search option pops up 10 mins after declaring a war.


Add an option to region to choose which war map they prefer to use. The option to choose a war map is already there, only they left only 1 map to choose from. They could simply add 6, 8, 10 and 12, for example. Just i am not a fan of this system because it would fck up balance. The more active factions get to score even more points and the lower factions will even feel more powerless


This could be useful. I like it. But we need here more Scope-RNG. the bot is one of your inactive teammates but you dont know which. xD


Autofilling is too explotable I fear - people counld just make single member factions and farm war cans by always getting mvp spots.

That said, another vote for 6v6 (non-crw) wars. 8v8 is a pain for factions with more casual members, which means that the more active players are forced to move to higher factions, killing the lower factions and long-term the region. 6v6 also triggers more quickly, so the matchups should be more fair.


Oh yes, because a single member war would really benefit the faction… you still want to score points. That said, a normal faction remembers that the war cans will always go to their member. Its easier to farm war cans with a full party. You have a chance to drop a can from attacking the towers and from each individual fight after. I dont see it being exploited it’s to no ones interest. If it would be, you could always set a minimum to 5 members. That way you are sure they each camp had at least 1 player instead of a bot too


Placement rewards are not that interesting anyway… you make you own faction for a war, spend the natural war energy (retreating as soon as you can) which should get you to the milestones, and give you one can guaranteed and more if you’re lucky, and you should be able to hit the 100k this way. Save the cans for a war or two, and you can have hundreds of cans left over for use in your real faction.

Setting a minimum would probably fix this exploit (good idea!), but also limit the benefits somewhat.


War has two problems, if you are in a small faction, its hard to get a full team, if you are in an active and full faction it isnt easy to get a place in time. In both situations you spend time waiting and this is worst in mobile game.

One or two bots could be nice. Especially if it is possible to get a bots place in a running war, if you are late. But thats bonus and far away.


They should just add a little war game for those who are in reserves. Or give then something to do and build points for their personal war rank(not counted as war points).

An idea of a mini game that reserves could play is keeping the surrounding area free of zombies. You enter with one team, and you get unlimited waves of zombies at you. The longer you can survive, the more points you get. (These points are however in some way limited to the average war points that were scored by your team in war, this way it will not be exploited by weaker members). There are ways to make things better for everyone, if scopely cared.

Some factions ask their weaker members to step out of war party to have a stronger line up, these members could then still make points and work for their point goals. Win/win


And how does your faction benefit from this as a whole? Its still better to war together, have fun and win some cans together. It would be sure super boring to have your own faction where you fight wars alone just to get some cans. First you have to wait for the counter (10 mins) to be able to start without the war party being full, then you do your attacks, and then you wait 10 mins for the retreat. Over and over. And good luck to get prizes from reaching the 100k milestone. One of the few war prizes actually worth it are the benedicts and the lilliths you get from their.
Then there is still the war reward from your rank, well the 5* tokens are not worth it, but the trainers and legendary gear help.

Besides you can’t just start a faction and war with an empty faction. You will need at least 8 members to fill the war party as the bots are based on members from your faction. And if it is still really exploited, you could put a cooldown on the bots of say 2 hours (such as faction helpers).


Nice idea with the mini game. Better than do nothing. But why not give the Towers free to the reserve players. They can battle for them in a way like the territories?


Interesting if none… but i know for sure that if taylor get a 8vs8 war only 2 factions would be able of constant warring, 2 more a lil bit less than that and 4 more like a lil bit than nothing… rest of them might not even play


So then its good to have wars where u can start even if you have 5/8


I’d say that in that way, reserves become too important and a lot of factions dont have this luxury. Lets just add something where reserves can still jump in while already searching and let them play a mini game that only gives them something extra, so it kills the waiting time and makes them earn points for the milestones. But it can never be as beneficial that being a reserve is better than actually playing.


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