Weekend Topic Roundup


Since the Scopely and forum teams seem to be AWOL for most of the weekend @kalishane, I thought I would summarize the main topics that came up;

Game glitches/bugs:

General complaints:

  • The lame-tastic prizes continue. Even after much feedback and suggested alternatives. Players want to know why. Once upon a time we got new top toons, now we get… tokens. People losing interest in game as nothing worth playing for. This thread is full of despair, which we are all feeling;
    Solo Raid Rewards... No comment needed :(
  • War matchmaking, has it been fixed? Top factions currently at a disadvantage with approx 1/3 less matches than the lower factions, will this be amended?
  • Food. Coming up is another level up and people have no ability to farm food to meet the needs of the milestones in time. Need another food source.
  • Cheaters. Cheaters ruining regions as fast as new ones pop up. Is anything at all being done?
  • Weekly roadmap timing?
  • 6 stars being released at snails pace, especially ascendable existing 5 stars - far less than promised monthly. Why?

Game suggestions:

  • Raids drop plastic pieces, may stop auto-farming?
  • A wood:food converter with a loaded ratio for turning wood into food.
  • 5* trainer drops at higher levels. Farmable 5* trainers at the same rate as Lillith.

Will add links to the best threads on each topic, feel free to suggest other (new) topics that came up.

Oh and also, my vote for the best thread of the weekend;
We don't have Halloween in Russia


That territory bug, wasn’t that resolved already?


Rip Harambe :slight_smile:


Nope, just happened to us - which is why I decided to make this thread actually! We keep taking territories and losing them immediately. Is frustrating.


And there I was thinking we in the other factions we re doing a good job :rofl:

Seriously, we had it too in bibb but it was addressed. Are you in beta? Maybe it s a reintroduced bug?


Nup not a beta player.

lol nope we are trying to hog them all still :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully we ll make it harder soon. Strange, no, saying such a thing?


Great idea, Tully ! Thanks for putting mine in there also :slight_smile:


Lol @ tomsquirrel, I look forward to it! Relish the competition!


The YGL fuckery definitely needs to be added to the list of complaints.


Strange, I had two appear in the weekend. I had one ready to collect at the start and got two new ones during the lvl up.


Same, I had 3 over the course of the event.


With each new update that which was resolved is now again broken.


My ygl was MIA until the fix. This past lvl up had it show up 4x, bricks and mortar is the one that I have appearing rarely now


Same here, I was lucky to get it once every 2 weeks!


It’s 630 am on Monday. This will not be seen until approx it 11. It will be another 4 or 5 hours till it can be seen. They seem to have odd work hours.


Thanks for the round-up, good idea! Hope Scopely take a look


Aww @Tully you’re the best. Thank you.


I left off the YGL issue as I thought it was fixed!

No problem @kalishane, might save trawling through topics to find the same things said over and over again.


Can we get a response/update on progression to the bullet points listed?