Weekend Rewards?


Any news on rewards for this weekends Dual event?
Double nuggets? :thinking:


Yes there is word. :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting this unknown!

Usual reward rant to follow :

Wow that’s pretty bad. Unless you can make top 3 whats even the point. If our faction can coast and get 600 for each one whats the incentive to battle for 10th? An extra 400 nuggets. Its not worth it. Someone really needs to figure out what motivates people because this crap sure isn’t it. There is a whole 3rd row. You know you could still give out 5 star tokens, right? Stop being so cheap especially when it comes to faction events. These should have the best prizes hands down.

Also 4200 again for raid milestones is insane. That’s too many tanks needed for a lousy benedict. Pass, Didn’t we just get a benedict for 2200 in the last one?

And what is with 500k getting you 6 of the items we can get for farming the daily gear map? What a crock. Please fix this. 2 mil should be the gps/canteen. Filter the current boxes and bags down a bracket. 100k could be like 500 in 5 star tokens and 250 4 star weapon tokens then double that for 200k, ect. At least it would be better than whats there now.


Those aren’t even high amounts of wood nuggets…


2200 benedict please.

2200 = around 22 cans?
4400 = 44 cans for a benedict plus the grind :frowning:


Normally about 30 refills for the 4200k


So as expected a copy and paste rewards for this weekend. Very underwhelming and very little effort or thought.


Yup. A Shining example of our feedback being implemented to improve user experience :wink:


Mind blowing how they just do not get what players want. Make us happy and we will spend more. It’s not so complicated to understand!


Look at those fantastic rewards :joy:





We are all allowed to be sarcastic, I love her implementation tho, heavy experience there.


Another weekend off it is. Scopley sure is digging it’s own grave. Btw started playing marvel puzzle quest, great game, with great rewards, support etc, maybe scopley should learn from that developer.


Whatever happened to faction raid when we used to get elite tokens drop every now and then,these tokens seem to scarce at the minute and the worse one 4* weapons I know we have had a few in the free rewards but I can’t remember last time I pulled from there it’s that long ago,these should be added to raid wins