Weekend Rewards? 9th-12th

Hey Anyone have any news on this weekends rewards? Or is it just another copy and paste double event?

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Thanks White :+1:

Rick is definitely looking more likely :sunglasses:


Yep Anyone who is active through the whole event should be able to grab him. I’ll be adding him to my never ending collection of melee (between 2 regions without counting rick I have 12 melee ascendables and 1 ranged).

On a related note, stuck at 80 hilltop badges in both of my regions. Too far to try to raid for the extras and too high to just not care LOL.


Any chance someone has the start time for the raid tourney?

If I had to guess in about 7/8 hours time.

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1am gmt.

Thanks Locky,

For all my Ontario peeps that is 8pm EST.

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Much appreciated

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