Weekend offers for guaranteed legendary


Anyone know how much offers 2 thru 5 are?


Guaranteed EPIC. Not legendary.


^ this would be greatly appreciated before I splash probably over $100 to get another koa :slight_smile:


Offer 2 is $15. Not sure about the rest


Was just about to post this same thing:)


Yeah… Can’t trust them… Give you a toon not in that image :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It may contain one of these recruits… It may also contain a 5* non ascendable.


Offer 3 is $35. I’m not getting walked up the ladder on this one.


How do you know the price of the other offers? I can see Offer 1.
I suppose you bought the first ones to see the others, right?


It’s roughly $200 total. I’m not going to risk spending that much on a damn Yvette. Trade her for Magna or Jesus and maybe I’ll consider it.


If anyone also has the content of the offers as well please share, would like to know what I would be buying


So £50 for the 1st 3 offers so far sounds like a bargain tell me more lol


Sounds like a scam to me


5, 15, 35, 50, 100

free box is then opened up in the offers section.

its a box with 50% strong, 50% fast odds.

they do not give odds per character.

btw, it’s an ascendable epic version. 5*



Damn, you soldiered on huh? I tip my hat to you.


Bought two, then timer expired on the third after a 1 hour countdown…and never to be seen again. And it has been hours. Good job, Scopes


Wow brah thx if you get to choose like in the new missions option to pick then maybe down, but done with this rng b.s. with my luck now days I’ll end with dupe dante or yvette XD plus man these 5* accendables are alot of work, not like the ol school 5*s to max out will be like next 2 wars yo. So how much was it in the end? Better than stashes?


At 200$ for an 5* ascendable? I believe not. They were giving out Shane and Hersh for 100$ 5* ascendable. Add that to the Beta and Hersh for roughly 75$ 6* offers.


Well first these are better toons. Secondly, you are getting an enourmous amount of trainers, mods and various items. Still expensive but can’t compare to the other deal.