Weekend Faction Level up and Raid REWARDS


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Pretty standard boredom with necklaces to make us care ever so slightly more.

Those milestones need to fill out that third slot. Pretty naked down there. Why can’t the necklaces be in addition to, why does it always have to replace rewards/milestones.


I’ll be able to get luke after these

Rewards always better in lvl up than raid

May the force be with you.

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Anyone knows start times?

Lucky. I’ll be a week away if I get the first three on both tourneys. Still making good time though.

Level up 8pm Moscow time on Friday

Raid starts 4am Moscow time on Saturday

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Lucas is your poor mans Governor without neutralize. Why not save 24k and take advantage of the gear?

I’ve got gov too. Lucas is gonna be useful when they release 45/56 ap 6*s, plus i wanna run a full t4 red team :grin:.

The plan is though to save the 24k and use the extra points over 24k to buy gear until the end, and if i still want lucas in 40 days i’ll pick him up.

True that bonus to ap can be nice. I really do hope its a while before they start with the 56 and 45 ap 6-stars.

Sounds like a solid plan. Mine is the reverse of it. I am going to get every single GPS and canteen. Then probably all the holsters and bandoleers. If I then still have enough for Lucas I might as well take him. I’m 2 away from having a full t4 squad. Might as well make it happen. I’m just thinking of all the future level ups I won’t have to bother getting to 2 million for that single piece of gear.

Good luck!

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Where have all the Liliths gone?

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So Luke is still alive?

Thx. U 2.

I will definitely get all the canteens and GPS before i snag lucas, just gonna keep his points in reserve in case they stop paying out good milestones till the end

It’ll also be nice not hittin 2m for 1 bandolier or whetstone every other day when the event is over :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lilith where are you!?!

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