Weekend expectations


Come on guys and gals. Let’s make weekends a flag free Zone unless something extremely bad is said. No need to get the gear map post shut down over a silly troll


Yea pretty sad. It went 4 hours being fine before people started their flag bs. Now its doomed to be closed and it’s an important topic to debate :rage:


Maybe stop flagging everything then. The troll wasnt even using hard language etc. Smh


Um thats what this post was about. I have never flagged anyone. Seems childish to me


It was interesting to see though. Those were pretty clear flags thrown by the community as opposed to the nonstop “week day” flags which are obviously not done by the community members


Yea that struck me as interesting too. Just seemed like an odd thing for the community to flag, especially since it was 4 hours later and both sides had let it go


People getting ridiculous with the things they flagging tonight smh


Looks like I spoke too soon…smh


Yeah, it’s weird how random stuff gets flagged.


Yeah it’s not like Ground Hog Monday’s aren’t a thing? Players shouldn’t be censoring!


Gear map posts are annoying af tho…


Not as annoying as scopely taking away farmable gear maps and shoving this new gear map format down our throat :wink:


I’ve been flagged and censored literally 5 seconds after saying something. No bs. It’s definitely not a normal player doing this. You notice how people who insult scopley are the ones who are always flagged?