Weekend Event for Newer Regions

So, do you fellas have any information regarding events for fresher regions, like Newberry, Abbeville, Orangeburg and others?

These regions are too young to have Cross Region war, so it’s more likely we get different events. Maybe a Double event?

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Hopefully VK will tell us soon enough

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It’s probably gonna just be a regular war

Geez another new region Lucas? lol How many have you joined man


Hey, don’t judge me! I simply love to start a fresh story again, especially when you have a chance of getting that sweet Legend you wanted.

Plus, I like to help others out. New players come more often to those newer regions, so, I aid how I can.

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@Andrea_Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @kalishane I don’t have the power to drop the ban hammer, but please take care of this person and their racist remarks.

Edit. I see it has been dealt with. Thanks.

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