Weekend event any idea?


Does anyone know what event we are having this weekend ? im thinking it will be war would like some comfirmation @kalishane


Don’t worry. VK will let us know soon enough :+1:


Probably another fac Lvl up.

Because they purposely hold back calander so no one prepares for them fac events.
And we all stunned last second and get coaxed into spending money or something silly.

Probably gonna dodge out on war because we are too "demanding"
and bring back wars in 2 months with even worse format.


So will we be having war this weekend @kalishane


Let me guess… level up!

Not hard is it :smiley:


Fac/Solo-Raid & Lvl Up ^^…


Christmas event start


oh yes, last year it was… like the thanksgiving event this year… very great!

i have now over 11.000 pieces of christmasjewellery… and after this event maybe over 30.000 useless jewellerys :smiley: