Week long tournament


There should be a week long cross region war with every single region In the one war


If they ever do that it will be the end of Scopely


Delete this.


I wouldn’t give much fuck about this event


Bad idea,very bad idea




not all the players here are kids on spring break with nothing else to do… we have jobs and ya know, real life…


So many butt hurt people lol


As long as there’s some breaks for level ups…Nah, no one would ever do that :rofl::sunglasses::roll_eyes:


What good would it do? Who benefits? Cause all it sounds like is a way for whales to hit 5 million points trying to out do eachother. Maybe propose how this would work


I wouldn’t mind if they did this >wouldn’t log on for the week :stuck_out_tongue:


There will be a multi month tournament coming.

It is called Leagues.


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