Week long Level Up Tournaments


During the past few months, many players (including myself) are frustrated from the repetitive Level Up Tourneys, the pretty high milestones that we have to hit (2mil for example in 48 hours), not to mention the final rank rewards which aren’t as good as they used to be.

@kalishane from the other hand, wrote in another topic that they want to give us many Level Up Tourneys so that players can upgrade their characters and benefit from them with lvl up points during tournaments.

So I was wondering, why don’t you give us every week a 6 or 7 day Level Up tournament (Faction or Solo)? For example, it would start at Sunday and end at Saturday. Then it will reset, awards will be distributed and the next one will start, with new rewards and objectives. During the week we can get more tournaments that we haven’t had for a while now like Faction or Solo Raids, SR tourneys, Blitz Wars etc. since Level Up Tourneys don’t need a lot of commitment and effort, just farming.

With this way you can handle most of our frustration and save yourselves from our whining. We will have a variety of events and more things to compete in game, not only the same tourneys that led players to inactivity. Everyone will get more chances at ‘You Got Lucky’ scavenger mission and it wont just be random luck if it pops up during a 2 day tournament. We won’t also have to keep our 100k mission in store in order to be rewarded during a tourney. Plus, since you removed 5star characters from the rewards and replaced them with tokens, people wont feel the urge to make a push for top3 in order to obtain a specific character, they will just try their luck on the wheel.

Milestones should have lots of tiers so that all players can benefit from them, new or veterans (you can’t expect a new player to score 250k for the first tier in order to get something, right?). With that way you could cover the lack of Gear Maps, Refils, Tokens etc. Top Milestones can stay at a high place (I still believe though that 2mil is extremely high for 90% of the players) but will be more manageable since we’ll have more days.

Anyway, that’s just my thought and my suggestion but I think it could work better than our current situation in game. I would love to see what other players think about this.