Week full of faction events

Why did solo hard SR get changed to faction nightmare SR midweek? That means we have factions events everyday this week… Some people work & have families

Not to sound negative towards your statement, but has it ever been different in the past regarding events / tournaments? No. You have to invest so much time every day if you want to make “progress”. So much time for lousy rewards or gear. Their developers / programmers do not play their own content. Otherwise they would not implement these time consuming elements as content.

There should not going on anything for one or two days a week.


We can argue the same thing for any day, some people work on weekends and does their family disappear on weekends? We have war or sr or whatever on weekends but that doesnt matter right? Anyways glad it was changed cause the rewards are a lot better and i will get s class lao po and wang fa from this.


normally people moan its a week of solo events


Theres big difference between having a week of solo events were you don’t have to participate or you can just take it easy & having a week full of faction events were all participation is expected.

It is nightmare most folks won’t get past first two stages anyways.


Do people still get kicked out of factions for not hitting milestones? Recruitment is at an all time low. If you can’t participate because of other obligations, that’s life. It’s just a game.


Why wouldnt you like fac events always? I prefer the teamplay over solo glory every single day of the week👍


Yeses! Around here weekends are family time and we are busy most Saturdays and Sundays… Makes it hard to hit the last milestone :frowning: last war I was 10k away from 150k and the last faction timed us out so that we couldn’t start another one and I missed it

Only reason for change to fac events is to lock people in facs. Why is the real question. Let the conspiracy theories start now. I hope it has something to do with the alleged ban hammer.


Oo that would add some excitement at least

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Ohhhhh i like conspiracy theories! It’s like my thing!

So scopely is locking us in factions to bring down the hammer on factions who dont spend or dont spend enough. Fully baked.

Love the faction events personally, don’t have to go quiet as hard for rewards

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Maybe they are still trying to figure out who all qualified for the coin wars. I mean you can leave today if you want.

We have so few faction events compared to solo it seems kind of shocking to complain about getting one. If you busy at work what faction would get mad at you for that?

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But nightmare mode for faction just sucks, get your popcorn ready, forums will provide more entertainment than game that’s a safe bet


Particularly difficult faction events. No auto-play buttons to see here. Not if you want to score anything.

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bring forth the ban hammer

Thor’s hammer!!!

yet when we lack fac events… so much fckn people complain. just suck it up.