Week 4 badges total?

Since week 4 is complete I’m guessing we will get no more saviors badges for the museum collection. I’m just wondering if I missed any badges or if Scopely left us at 80/100 for one more completed collection. I pretty sure I didn’t miss any of the maps, log in rewards, or milestones, and if that’s the case it’s pretty annoying to leave us at 80/100. Can anyone confirm if that’s the correct amount we should be left with after turning in the rest? If @kalishane @Agrajag or any other players that know could comment I’d appreciate it.

Thanks for the confirmation vetramont. I was pretty sure I didn’t miss any, and yea that is very poor planning they should send everyone 20 in the inbox before the collection ends. Unfortunately it’s the weekend so nobody is working and we’re screwed.