Weapons stat swap

Can you swap any stat on weapons or just the special?

Nevermind I understand swap now ugh not what I thought it was

Can you explain this to me then?

Is this just like swapping any weapon onto any toon with a bound weapon like we could replace the bound weapon on OG Dwight. The difference being that, unlike Dwight, it doesn’t change the weapon animation so it uses the other weapon’s stats but still looks like the original bound weapon in battle?

I’m assuming only non-bound weapons can be swapped in. e.g. You can’t swap Alice’s bound weapon onto any other alert toon?

I’m pretty sure the way it works is, lets take Pete’s weapon for example…

My Pete weapon is 40 hp, huge ap when defending, and his default bonus HP in slot 3.

Once his weapon is upgraded to 5 star version, you can then swap his weapon stats out for one of your other weapons, but the other weapon you want to swap out to, has to also be 5 star version as well I believe.

You can swap these stats on every team that you have Pete in.

So as an example, I wanna use my default Pete weapon for Survival Road because his Bonus HP every wave works very well, however in my Defense team, I can swap his weapon out for a 35 def, Huge AP on attack, Stun gun. And then on my attack team, I could swap his default weapon out for a 35 def, 35 attack, stun gun, as an example.

The stats are the only thing that changes, the default weapon cosmetics should still remain in battle.

And this is only for bound weapons, you cannot put Alice’s impair weapon on someone else, at least I don’t believe you can.

OK. That’s basically what I said but in a different way.

So, you can take anyone with a 5* bound weapon and basically equip a different (non-bound) 5* weapon of the same trait, just like you’d equip a weapon on any other (non-bound-weapon) toon. The animation in battle will still be the original bound weapon but the stats/effects come from the weapon you swapped in. Sound right?

The original description threw me because it talks about swapping stats which might imply individual stats (like pick and choose what slots you want to swap). It seems they really mean essentially swapping out the weapon for another weapon, just not cosmetically as you said.

Yes you are correct. The only bad thing 8s both weapons need to be 5 star. And they cost 50,000 weapon tokens to upgrade each one. Seems very pricey to upgrade a wide variety of weapons.

Will we have to pay tokens and swap it out in the armory each time or does it work like equipping any other weapon to a non bond toon?

It works the same way you would switch any regular characters weapon. And it does not cost additional tokens to swap the stats I don’t believe. But you do have to have both weapons at 5 star and the appropriate stat weapon switch researched which do all cost tokens.

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