Weapons special stats triggering separately from an attack? Please, explain


I looked around and I haven’t found a thread on this yet. Apologies if it’s already been addressed.

I’ve come across an issue on a few occasions and I want to know if it’s a bug, or if this is working as intended (if the later, I’d like it explained).


I’ll go to attack a toon with an absolute defense weapon, with my toon who’s holding a stun on attack weapon.

The opponent’s toon has absolute defense weapon trigger.

As a result my toon does NOT gain AP and does NOT do damage (obviously), however the toon ends up stunned by my weapon.

Does this mean that the special stat triggers separate from the attack? Almost like the damage is one attack and the special stat on the weapon is another “attack” ?

I always figured it was all considered one. i.e. if the stun triggers you’ve done damage and you’d gain AP points. If the absolute triggered nothing would have resulted. No damage, no AP points and no stunning their toon.

Would love to get this explained.


And thats why stun swords are meta


If only there was a pinned thread that already explains weapon effects such as this…


stun swords? no baby stun claws


So they intentionally operate independently? But this still isn’t clear to me for this instance.

Based off of what it says about weapons effects triggering immediately for both sides, and what the description of absolute defense is, it makes no sense why my toon would receive no AP or do any damage if both the attacking toon and defending toon trigger their weapons specials first.

In my opinion, one of two things should have happened. No stun would have been placed, no AP and no damage done. OR stun occurs, damage is done and AP is gained.

What step am I missing?

This is what the combat guide states:

Keep in mind that during an attack routine both ‘when attacking’ and ‘when defending’, effects are calculated immediately. That being said, if an on attack stun gun stuns the target, the target still has a chance to trigger its own defending effects for that attack. Same story for on killing and defending stun gun. If the attacker kills the target and the target stuns the attacker, it still can trigger its on killing effect.

Absolute Defense
While not stunned, whenever this character is targeted by a regular attack, there is a chance of reducing that damage to 0. The odds is a flat percentage chance not affected by defense, attack, statuses, or anything else. It doesn’t prevent Execution.


Because in this instance, as state, both the when attacking and when defending effects trigger at the same time, thus even though the character is now stunned, it still triggered Absolute Defense, so its effects are applied to the attack.