Weapons disappeared


Was looking thru my weapons and am missing two absolute defense weapons, two reflect damage weapons, and a 8% bonus ap weapon. They were one star weapons so am not devastated but i do feel like wtf. No i haven’t accidentally sold them or broke them down they just left the nest. I know am not the only one as when i mentioned it to my faction a member lost a 4 star red stun gun too and doesn’t know how. @kalishane @CombatDevIl @CombatMan or @somebody for the love of anything!


Yeah i know and anytime i do that i check what is being sold or broken down just for that sole chance that i may have pressed them.


That would have been my suspicion as well, as long press to sell was added in the 9.1 update. Are you sure you didn’t long press to sell weapons?


Yes am sure can i pm you my account for you to take a look?